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Why Join ClickTrackProfit?…

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Awesome, trusted and proven … This phrase is most appropriately provided to CTP (ClickTrackProfit). Outside Indonesia is a trend many CTP fans and the like, because anyone can do it.

Keuntungan Bergabung di ClickTrackProfit, TimTech LLC NerdSurf

ClickTrackProfit (CTP) is currently the world online is like a hero that provide many benefits to many people. For my friends who’ve just heard ClickTrackProfit, I said “what is the advantage to join in ClickTrackProfit ? … “.
Bottom line: I guarantee you have nothing to lose joining in the CTP.
What any resulting profits, friend? …

  • Trusted and proven pay. To date I have received payment of the 8th (PO-8, click here to see the proof of payment).
  • Bonuses which is very interesting as well as game trophies and badges are very good.
  • Earn commissions from many business groups (commission multiplier): AdKreator, TE ToolBoox, StartXChange, ILoveHits, ThumBVu and Sweeva.
  • Get a referral in a manner that is easy because of the random referral (commission multiplier, maximize referral).
  • Easy to design web as a promotional event through AdKreator (progressive splashpage multiplex).
  • As a place to learn about: making money on the traffic exchange industry, how to become master (ILoveHits Mastery, Mastery StartXChange, Sweeva Mastery, Mastery ThumBVu, Sweeva Mastery, Mastery Tracking, Mastery Badge and Surf Nerd Mastery) that eventually became expert member CTP (expert CTP member). Study in CTP stage by stage and directed.
  • Great opportunity to get a lot of friends (social media), because ClickTrackProfit have social business base traffic exchange.
  • Has a profile page ClickTrackProfit very interesting. On the profile page it will obtain information: monitor the number of badges, kingships, referral and thiefs , friends, trophies and comments friends. Achievements ClickTrackProfit Member area on the menu information to be obtained: dashboard, training, achievements, affiliate toolbox, goodies, downline, commission, menu settings and menu order badges and top menu (top referrals, top badges and top training). In the tab menu achievements obtained info: badges claimed, kingships earned, earned trophies, Coins and Certifications earned.
  • Managed by people who are very experienced in their field (Jon Olson, Tim Linden, Larry Dame and Justin Ledvina) and already there from 2001.
  • ClickTrackProfit (CTP) is under the auspices of the company TimTech LLC who plays in America, is completely legal and licensed.
  • Timely payment through PayPal and AlertPay.
  • A visit to the website member businesses increased sharply.
  • There are many other benefits …

Waiting for a friend … not hurt you to join in ClickTrackProfit (CTP), TimTech LLC, NerdSurf. Join please click the image below:

ClickTrackProfit Awesome

If there are less understood, please say in comments or contact me on the ” Contact “.

May be useful!

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Tips Meledakkan Traffic ke Website atau Blog Anda, Relatif Tanpa Modal

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Masih ingat, dengan ungkapan di bawah…..

AIDA = Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Click Track Profit

Ya… kalimat di atas merupakan kata kunci di dalam dunia marketing online agar terjadi penjualan (sales). Posting kali ini fokus di “A”nya (Attention) alias bagaimana mendatangkan kunjungan ke website atau blog kita dengan menggunakan TE (Traffic Exchange). Jelasnya, rahasia mendatangkan kunjungan adalah dengan melakukan promosi atau pemasangan iklan, benar kan?… 🙂
Melakukan promosi secara online dapat dilakukan dengan cara memasang iklan yang berbayar, aktif memberikan komentar di blog yang sesuai dengan target pasar Anda, aktif berdiskusi di forum, beriklan facebook dan sosial media lainnya serta melakukan surfing dengan menggunakan TRAFFIC EXCHANGE (Traffic exchange industry). Continue reading Tips Meledakkan Traffic ke Website atau Blog Anda, Relatif Tanpa Modal