Applications Silikons in Baby and Child

Hello Mums,

Ever see a brightly colored cookware in your favorite supermarket? In addition to bright colors are very eye- catching, the equipment is also very flexible. Mummies might wonder made ??of whether the equipment. The equipment is made ??of silicone material. Applications currently easily silikons we meet in a variety of allotment. There are cooking utensils made ??of silikons. There is also a cookie cutter to cempal who formerly made ??of fabric today is also made ??of silikons. Actually what is the surplus materials until the ride leaves silikons like now? In addition to its bright colors and varied, yuuk us refer to the advantages, in comparison to other materials below.Silikons is a polymer containing silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen as well as the sometimes accompanied also by other chemicals.
Because it is made from natural ingredients, safe and non toxic silikons making it suitable for a food storage container.
Silikons hygienic, hypoallergenic and anti- bacterial nature.
Silikons also a highly flexible material as well as strong.
Easy to use and clean
Hold the temperature to 500 degrees Celsius and cold temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius
Because of its durability is very strong, durable silikons material and can be used repeatedly. Of course this is an environment-friendly incentives.

Mums Well, now eating baby equipment and children were also made ??of silikons. The shape is cute, flexible material and is definitely safe and durable. There are various forms of child feeding equipment from mummies silikons can find here. His colors are bright and varied to make the children more love and are interested in and always waiting for the moment of eating with enthusiasm.

In addition to food supplies, there is also a child’s tooth brush made ??of silikons. Because the material is flexible, silicone toothbrush from unsafe and potentially injure the gums or teeth. Children also must have liked because of the silicone soft toothbrush so comfortable to hold while brushing your teeth.

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