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List ClickTrackProfit, Non-Tiered Badges

Non-Tiered Badges

AdKreator Splash Badge AdKreator Splash Badge Badge dari AdKreator akan keluar secara random di saat melakukan surfing dan membuka page Splash Page yang di design AdKreator. Biasanya di sebelah bawah splash page, badge ini terletak.
HotFlashHits Chart Member Badge HotFlashHits Charter Member Be one of the first 1000 member’s at HotFlashHits.
LikeViews Badges LikeViews Badge Click the badge to redeem it right away, come back daily because you can get it every day!
Dusap Badges Optin For Decrees You can get a badge by singing up to Dave’s emails.
ThumbVu Hidden Badges Thumbvu Hidden Badge Click the RSS feed of a user who doesn’t have one
Thief Badge Thief Badge Find the profile of a user with the Thief Badge and leave a comment to steal it. A good place to start looking.
Thief Snooper Badge Thief Snooper Badge Find the theif badge and click on it.
Tim Linden Video Blog Badge Tim Video Blog Subscribe to Tim’s blog and click the link in an email. Tim’s blog
LaVonne Loker Badge LaVonne Lookers Visit LaVonne’s website and copy the code from the homepage. LaVonne’s website
CTP Money Badges Money Badges Earn money badges (worth real cash!) by surfing one of the following exchanges: thumbvu, StartXchange, ILoveHits, and Sweeva.
A J Butler Badge A J Butler Badge Click the badge to be taken straight to the redemption page.
Traffic Fugitive Conference Badge Traffic Fugitive Confrence Sign up to traffic fugitive with Larry’s link, and send a support ticket with your username.
Jon Olson Twitter Badge Jon Twitter Badge Send a tweet to Jon Olson requesting the badge code.
Darth Raider Twitter Badge Darth Raider Twitter Badge Send a tweet to Darth Raider requesting the badge code.
Friend Badge Friend Badge Add a friend on clicktrackprofit, why not me?
25 Friends Badge 25 Friend Badge Add 25 friend’s on clicktrackprofit, why not me?
Call Larry Dame Badge Call Larry Give Larry a call on the number on the badge.
Keith Marozsan Badge Keith Marozsan Badge Be Keith Marozsan’s Friend at CTP and he will give you his badge. Click the badge for more info.
Safelist Secret Badge SafeList Secrets Badge Just click the badge and go straight to the badge redemption page.
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